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    anadrol + keeping gains?

    I am currently running a Test E cycle (500mg/wk) and I am on week 9 / 14

    I want to throw something in the mix for two weeks

    I have tren A available or Anadrol

    The cycle is for bulking + strength. I really want to do 2 weeks of anadrol @ 50mg/day but I am worried that you lose EVERYTHING and its just a waste when you come off it- even though I will be still be running test E.

    If I do run the anadrol should I expect to lose everything when I come off it even with proper diet + proper PCT?

    Thanks bros

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    Not long enough for tren really, and yeah anadrol is better earlier in the cycle as a kickstart. Save it I say

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    If you only have two weeks to play with just save it. Anadrol gains are almost impossible to keep long term BTW

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