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Thread: fina question

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    fina question

    Sup fellas Well i dunno if i can post this but...i have a buddy that says him and sum friends of his been ordering fina and the conversion kits off line. He says his one buddy got his s**t and its legit. Should i trust this source or forget it? I read from other sources its legal to buy the pellets and legal to buy the kits just isn't legal to have it converted. Any advise will be appriciated thx a lot guys.

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    i Dont live in the US , but yes i think its legal.. for cattle only use and i think u "need" a cattle "evidence" before getting able to get them.. but im sure there are many places that sell that doesnt even require one.
    Just be sure that when ur gonna take it, be sure its done correctly.. so either u do it urself or u gotta be 100% that is good to go.

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    but the fina kits from ar-r . click on the word fina

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    yes the pellets are good,i got mine from a us vet and no questions and i live in the uk.

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