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    Deca + Winny tabs, Thoughts?

    Hiya Bros, just thought I'd ask your thoughts on this as a first ever cycle:

    10 wk cycle
    Deca 250mg/ wk
    Winny tabs 25 mg/day (which amounts to 175mg/wk)

    I was toying with the idea of upping the dosage of both by 50% during weeks 4-5 of the cycle.

    Any thoughts you wish to share??

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    As a first cycle, I would run Test E at 200-250 every three days for 10-12 weeks. IF you are set on this, the you need to up the Deca to approx 400 per week. I wouldnt run the winny for 10 weeks more like 6-8, and I would up the dose to 50 mg a day taking one tab in the am and one in the pm.

    Good Luck

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    Use test alone for a first cycle. What you have layed out will give you far more sides than muscle gains.

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    i have talked to alot of people and they all told me that it was just crazy to run just deca for my 1st cycl,, but i ran 300mgs for 4 weeks 400 mgs for3weeks, back to 300 forback to 300 for 3 weeks and ran nothing but deca,,, i had no sides,, a little shrinkage of my nuts,, and good solid acne, no hair loss,, no estrogen,,,and no DECA dick,,,as i have always heard results may vary,,,this has to be true for me... i gained 11 lbs,,,,and not much water,,, i did train harder and ate better and more often..

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    I was toying with the idea of upping the dosage of both by 50% during weeks 4-5 of the cycle.

    always go straight with the doses what you wanna do gonna cause more sides.

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    Forget about the winstrol for now. If you want a jumpstart use d-bol or anavar for the first 4 weeks. Winny is for cutting only.

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