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    What do you thinkis the best cutting steriod?

    what steriods would you choose for cutting?

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    prop and tren but it all depends on diet

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    all down to diet but as above, prop and tren are awesome for bringing out shape and adding a few pounds when cutting bodyfat, being on tren feels like nothin i ever took b4, you can feel how powerful the stuff is

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    Bump on the Tren its the best AS I ever took. I like to save Tren for bulking. Personally I run a low dose of TestProp while cutting. This helps preserve my mass and keep water retention low so I can see my progress. I my add in some Var in the future and see what that does.

    Good Luck

    PS - Totally forgot to give you the usual DIET is everything talk. Bottom line is what you eat is how you look no matter what drugs you take!

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