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    is my liquid clomid legit?

    Ok here's what i got fellas. My liquid clomid came in one of those same kinda bottles with the flip tab top that u put fina in not a sealed break off top like on the regular 10ml bottles. It has a sticker on stating what it is and it kinda looks like a veteranarian home brew if u follow me. I trust the guy i got it from but i dont trust anyone when it comes to controlled substances if u know what i mean. I tasted the stuff a few times and it tasted like the pills only liquified and it mad the tip of my tounge feel tingly for like 4 or 5 hour. Any feed back is appreciated and if u guys think its bunk stuff can u get over the counter persciptions for clomid? THX

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    take a picture of it and post it in fake steroids forum, you'll probably get alot of respsonses, i myself have no idea!! sorry

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