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Thread: test deca dbol

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    test deca dbol

    Hello i want to thank u for ur advice i have a few questions now that i have taken your advice in prep for my cycle

    One thing i AM set on is 6-8 week cycle instead of the 10 + i understand i wont get HUGE gains but shoould be noticable and moderate. Basically by cutting and babying the novice 2 cycle on this site

    running 6-8 weeks

    running test @ 300mg deca @ 200mg dbol from 15-20mg and nolv every week for 6-8 weeks follwed by 2 weeks of clomid

    i know this is not the BIG time cycle and the numbers r cut...but i should get moderate gains and less side effects im 195 pounds 5"10 8.7% body fat im hoping to gain 5-10 pds from this and maintain

    will i lose my abs with this ????

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    you are not going to see any grate gains with this. you might put on 10 even 15 pounds but you are going to loos 8 at the end

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    At 195 pounds 5"10 8.7% body fat you must look great already and 5-10lbs isnt going to show too much. You can get there just by working out harder and a proper bulking diet. 6-8 weeks is not long enough IMO

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    to get the gains you want (and keep them) try test @ 500mg deca @ 400mg dbol from 30-50 for first 4 weeks (trust me) for 8-10 weeks min...if you do pct right should be fine...agree all?

    Oh, if you are worried about sides, dont use any gear since it can always happen...and ya, if u put on weight you may lose some definition in your abs but you should be able to get that back pretty quick after...

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    hmm honestly the ONLY side effect im worried about is sexual disfunction lol but why would i lose most of the weight from a 6 week cycle and not from a 10-12 week ??? more time to gain actual muscle ?

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