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    Test Enth VS Sustan

    I've been reading threads for over 6 hrs. tonight. Which is better? Test Enth or Sust. I've been reading alot of negatives regarding sust. Deca or EQ. I want a bulking cycle ansd keep most of my gains with minimal side effects. Is Dianabol really necessary? You don;t seem to keep your gains with that. What's the best for tendons etc.


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    First of all, is this your first cycle?

    Some people refere to Test Enanthate as "king" of the road, and that it's one of the really strong effective ones. For someone who is just starting off, Sustanon should be good enough. Taking about 500mg a week is the ideal usually. This stacks best with some Deca Durabolin at about 400mg/week or some EQ at about 400-600mg/week.

    The reason people take Dianabol , is it kick start the cycle. DBol is taken the first 4 weeks of a cycle. Usually at about 40mg/day, but for a first time user 20-30mg/day should suffice. This helps kick start the cycle because Deca /Sus usually takes about 3 weeks for it to even start kicking in to your system.

    Newbie cycle:

    Deca @ 400mg/week (ten weeks)
    Sus @ 500mg/week (ten weeks)
    DBol @ 30mg/day (first four weeks)

    This is one of the most basic cycles that most newbies go on, and it's very good, can gain a keepable 20lbs or so. Deca really helps with the joints as well, lubes it up.

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