Hi, Iím new to this seen, so please be patient with me.

Iím 28 years old, about 5í4 and 155 or so pounds. I have a stocky build. I have been surfing since I was 10; all that paddling has developed my lats more than the rest of my body. I want to get bigger and stronger so I started pumping Iron about 2 months ago. I eat like a horse, and have changed my diet to high protein by eating tons of fish, eggs and drinking whey shakes. Besides fish I am a vegetarian, though I think fish is like a moving vegetable. I have been contemplating taking steroids because my body canít keep up with the weight training I want to do. Been taking creatine, it seems to be working a little.

My first question is, do you have to take steroids to get big? This web site makes it seem like the only way to get big is to take roids and when I surf the net for bodybuilding, steroid info pops up all over the place.

I like the natural state of mind, would steroids alter this? I donít smoke pot, drink, or do any other drug because of this. Can anybody share some of there experiences with me on this subject?

Is it ok to be sore all the time? I lift one day and rest the next, but I am always sore, is this healthy? Should I not work out so hard? I love the pain of lifting to the max and then some but is this counter productive?

Thank you for helping me.