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    NEW CYCLE***Critique!

    Just want to loose some fat, Maintaine muscle.

    Weeks: Drug:
    1-12 EQ 500/w
    1-13 Enth 750/w
    13-20 Clen (pct) starting at 20....30, 40 ect. up too about maybe 80 Monitoring my b/p and temp daily.
    1-20 Arimedex

    Taurine with clen. Multi entire time. Lots of water. Taking Arimidex entire time.

    Guys I just want to loose fat/gain SOME muscle. I'm not looking for a Mass then Cutt stack. It's a complete fat loss. I am about 15 percent, and I want to get to about 8 percent. I'm hoping this is the answer. It's my 3rd cycle. Thanks.

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    It is not bad but if you want a pure cutter, i would include tren or replace the EQ with it.

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    I would switch the enanthate to propionate . maybe some anavar or winni at the end? tren would be another option like BM suggested.

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    Prop/tren /var, best bet.

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