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Thread: Pain.......?

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    Going on my third cycle, and I still hate the pain of injecting (both during and after). I know how to try to reduce the pain after, but I am still usually sore for days after. Don't really know why, cause every one else says that they feel nothing. As for the actual pain of giving the shot, someone told me they used orajel and it helped out a lot. I thought that was kind or wierd, but they said thats the only product that you can buy that numbs the area. I know you shouldn't juice if you can't take the prick, but I have taken it, and now just searching for ways to make it more enjoyable. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    maybe you flex when you juice thats why it hurts?? It normally hurts me for a bit after but the pain isnt that badfor me

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    1) make sure you are using the smallest possible size pin appropriate
    2) make sure the muscle you are hitting is relaxed
    3) try a hot shower or bath right before
    4) massage the area for a few min afterwards
    5) btw...what are u shooting? Prop is the only thing that ever hurts me the next day...
    6) search this forum for injection and see what ya come up with.

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    someone told me baking soda will kill the pain on inject but not sure how to use it?
    anyone else heard of this??

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