I just finished my 5th week of Sustanon 250. I am injecting 250 twice a week for a total of 500 mg of Sustanon a week. I am possibly thinking of going up on it to 750 a week for the last 5 weeks of my cycle. I have some winstrol oral that I was planning on using with this cycle. I only have enough Winstrol to take 30mg ED for 4 weeks with a few tabs left over... I have 10 mg tabs manufactured by BD. I have read from these forums that it is recommended for 6 weeks, but its all I have. I figure combined with the Sustanon I still should see some gains from it at 30 mg a day. My question is, should I start the Winstrol this week or wait til the further end of my cycle? My stats are: 6 feet, 180 pounds...when I started my cycle 5 weeks ago I was hovering around 8 to 9% BF, but I have put on a little bit of fat/water around my midsection. I am probably close to 10 or 11% BF currently. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, should I see some decent gains from the Winny even at 30 mg for 4 weeks?