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    Im getting crazy silly fat

    Hi all.

    Let me give you my history.

    Ive always been a small guy, 5'8 and skinny. Im 23 now.

    Through high school I hate CRAP after CRAP. Mcdonalds was my second home. By the time I was 22 I was chubby, but not fat. My metabolism was high enough that fast food as every meal only made me kinda chubby after years of doing it.

    For whatever reason, last summer I became anorexic. Didnt know it, if I did I wouldve stopped it. I thought I was just dieting...

    From august till november I didnt eat. I went from 190 to 145. I lost all fat and A LOT of muscle. Bench press went from 155 to 100... I crapped about once a week because my body stored everything I ate.

    I began eating again in november after getting help. And lifting. My muscle weight skyrocketed because my body was trying to get back what it has lost... My fat didnt come back because although I was eating I was at least doing it healthily.

    Last month Ive started to get fat... I mean the fat is pouring on, Ive lost my abs finally and its starting to bug me. I workout and I do cardio.

    Only difference is I started turinabol , but that cant be doing it... I think thats helped with some muscle gain, but this fat is way to noticeable. Its not water either, its fat.

    Maybe my body hit a point in age where its all downhill and I get fat now... Maybe I ****ed something up with my anorexia that just hasnt come out until now...

    But the fat is pouring on, im eating healthy, im barely crapping, and just overall ticked off.

    What can I do/take to spur on a normal metabolism?

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    Perhaps visit the diet forum and see if your diet is truly healthy?
    Also, what is it that your goal is here? Are you trying to gain weight? Of course some fat gain will come with an excess of calories too.

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    Bro give us ALL your stats. workout, cycle AND Diet and I mean everything

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    If you're still only excreting excrement once per week, there is something seriously wrong. See a physician. Seriously.

    Once you are sure you're 'healthy', redirect your focus to your diet, training, and proper cardio.

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