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Thread: winny worth it?

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    winny worth it?

    hey bros.

    Recently i have become real caught up on leaning/hardening up. I am on a test E cycle now and really have been trying to get my hands on some winny for the last few weeks. My questions is is winny worth the money? Its expensive, but in yalls opinions, are the results worth it?

    Also, my guy told me hes carrying a new brand, and this winny is liquid form, but not injectable. It is MADE to be drunk. Anyone hear of this?

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    You can drink the regular injectable winny, too, to good effect.

    With any cutting cycle, it is important that you ALREADY be pretty lean, for best results. Get down to the point where your abs show when relaxed, and veins make ridges in the skin over your chest. That is about 10%. That is where you want to be when you start a cutting cycle.

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    You can inject or drink injectable winny, but cannot inject drinkable winny. If that makes sence. The drinkable version hasn't been filtered to inject.

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    its worth it (as long as ur not paying up the ass for it)

    ran winny by itself for an experiment...put on 10lbls of LBM

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