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Thread: eating to grow

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    eating to grow

    I have different people tell me different things about diet on cycle. One guy says eat everything in sight no matter what fat content etc. is. Pizza, ice cream, anything. THe other buddy says lots of protein but no crap. If I do that how do I get the calories needed?

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    Look in the diet forum for the How to Bulk sticky at the top. That should give you an idea of what your diet should look like, or at least a start.

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    well I say eat right... there is no way to turn fat into muscle ( that is impossible, just like turning lead into gold )... and if you eat alot of sugars and junk and too many carbs you will get fat... I am a hardgainer and I used to eat everything and spend hours a day on the ****ter... I find if I eat tons of protien and clean carbs I feel and look much better...

    I can honestly just eat 300 grams of protien a day from chicken, shakes, tuna milk and eggs and then I am good... as long as i get in my protien it dosent seem to matter what else I eat actually.

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    Your protein comes first. If you are not gaining bodyweight, then you must increase calories. If your protein is high enough, the additional calories can come from protein, fat, or carbs, whatever works for you. I personally like Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream when bulking. 1260 calories in a single pint. MMMMmmmmmm......

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