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    quick gyno Q help

    hi all

    this is my 4 cycle over 4 years on and off and never had gyno before.. this time there is a lump that i think is gyno by researching the threads.... its about 1 inch long and shaped like a rugby ball (im english) or an american football.. on its side behind my right nipple... looks like this (___)

    i have nolvadex at hand but not much as im awaiting to collect in a week i think i have about ten 20mg tabs..

    how should i go about treating this or is there other drugs i should be taking...

    thanks for your help

    o i always clomid and nolvadex at the end of a cycle...


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    Go get it CHECKED!!! See your DR you can never be too cautious about that, I'm not trying to scare you but one of my friends had a growth and it wasn't gyno related. He had it removed and is fine.

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