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    ?'s on current cycle

    I am currently in my 4th week of Sus 500mg once a week Deca 400mg once a week and 50mg D-Bol split 4 times daily. A good friend advised me to only go 5 weeks on this cycle???? I have had minimal gains so far as I have only gained 5-6 pounds but am cutting really well and strength has gone up as I am lifting heavier than I ever have. My current diet is 3500cals 300g Pro and 325g Carbs. I am upping all of that this week to 4500 cals 350g pro and 500g carbs because I feel I have been eating to little to gain mass.

    My ? is I keep hearing that you should do Sus EOD or every 3 days and I also keep reading that Deca does not kick in til the 4th or 5th week. So should I quit this cycle at 5 weeks and start another in 6 weeks? I have enough gear to go 10 weeks on Sus and Deca quiting the Dbol after week 5. Also with upping my food intake and staying on will I see a big diff???

    Please give some advice????

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    why would you quit right when the deca is about to come into play?

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    Thats why im asking...I really havent seen the gains as of yet and Ive been told I may be waisting a cycle as I may have not taken enough time off between cycles so Im not getting a clean uptake???

    I took 10ml of Test E and 50mg of Dbol for 6 weeks then 4 weeks off before starting this...

    All suggestions of my friend.

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    i would run this cycle for 12 weeks with the sust shot eod stop the deca one week before the sust.
    do a proper pct(do a search for it) and then take a long time off, at least the time on + pct time.


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