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Thread: Winnie or Clen?

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    Winnie or Clen?

    Being concerned mainly with adding a supplement to either eq or fina, to help me with harder muscles and ripping, do you think that clen would do just as good or similar to Winnie? I'm considering it since it is a bit safer and much cheaper.

    thank you!

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    Winnie is for hardening your muscles, the clen will actually increase your metabolism to help you burn fat...

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    ironfist is bang on here - you MIGHT be able to mimic winny in some respects since of course if you use clen to drop some bf your muscles will seem to be harder and more defined!

    the bottom line is exactly what ironfist said though

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    To expand on that a bit:

    Winny is an anabolic steroid . Liker all AS, it promotes muscle growth, but Winny is renowned for it's ability to increase muscle density and give you that "shredded" look.

    Clennnbuterol mimics the action of Adrenaline, it causes weight loss by increasing the bodie's basic metabolic level, generating 'heat' and burning off calories. It does not build muscle.

    Both are often used together in in cutting cycles; Winny to 'harden' the muslces and prevent muscle loss when caloric intake is cut and Clen to help burn off calories.

    BTW Luke, you are a new member and you have been posting new threads like a demon--maybe 10 in the last day alone! A lot of the questions have been asked here before. I recommend using the 'search' button a bit more. The people here are great about answering questions, but we all get burnt out answering the same ones over-and-over. Do a bit more research and readiong before you ask questions and you will find that people will bend over backwards to help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

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