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    Reduce Water Retention?

    He guys im on a cycle of 50mg drol a day M-F and 500mgs Test E, anyway today was the 2 weeks mark and i was just wondern if anybody had advice to cut some water off, ive been drinking more water and was thinkn about getting some oral winstrol to help any advice?

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    Whats up bro do a search on anti-estrogens and you should find everything you need.I hope that helps.

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    Search: Nolvadex & Arimidex

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    i ran a t400 cycle wit letro at 1.25mg eod and stayed dry as a bone. u gotta watch your sodium eat clean and drink water and drink more water. search letro or femara

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    wintrol won't reduce bloat, you need to lower your estrogen.

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    is that a joke winstrol works and will reduce water weight but use any antiestrogen like nolva or proviroin to get the job done peace.

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