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Thread: Pain in my Ass

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    Pain in my Ass

    Today i just took

    125mg npp
    500mg of Test

    625mg total in one shot.

    Man my ass is killing already and its only been 8 hours since i too the shot.

    Think I should split up the shots next time and put it into 2 different muscles?

    Im guessing i should prepare for this pain in any muscle i shot into.

    I cant imagine injecting into my calf.

    So wheres the best place to put 625mg?

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    How many cc's was it?

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    gluteus is the best place for it, don try to inject it in a smaller muscle group

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aboot
    How many cc's was it?
    bump on this question....

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    It doesnt have anything to do with the amount you took. Get the muscle totally relaxed before you shoot it. Before I shot 1cc sus and it hurt like hell for 4 days. The other day I shot 2cc of deca with a cc of sus and I couldnt even tell after that I had a shot.

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    Lots of tricks to make your shot nicer. Always use a fresh pin in the smallest guage you are willing to use. Never shoot with the pin you sucked up the gear with. Warm the stuff up to slightly above body temp. It should feel very warm but not hot. Shoot slowly, letting the muscle take it on it's own time. Don't wiggle the rig around; keep it steady. When you pull out, press an alcohol wipe very firmly on the site, and give it 5 minutes of deep tissue rub. Have an ibuprofin or two. A very hot bath helps with pain. Last but not least, sometimes you just got to buck up and be a man about the pain. Remember, you are not really hurting.

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    That's alot of juice, but most importantly how many mls was is? I've shot some 500mg/ml test and if I shot 1cc by itself it was terrible, but if I cut it with some 150mg/ml tren it was much less painful. The high concentration is what caused the pain in this case.

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