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Thread: my cycle

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    my cycle

    wanted to see what everyone thought of my cycle im on now.
    1-7 d-bol 50mgs a day
    1-12 fina 100mgs a day
    1-12 deca 750mgs a week
    1-24 test-enth 1250mgs a week
    12-24 eq 800mgs a week
    16-24 winny 50mgs a day
    1-24 growth hormone 6iu's a day
    3 weeks on 3 off insulin 10iu's twice a day
    t-3 100mcg's a day
    letro 2.5mgs a day
    hcg and clomid during pct

    the weeks can change because i dont have a set time i may stay on longer. i dont set time limits on my cycles anymore, i come off when i feel its time. i eat 350g of protein a day and keep a very clean diet.

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    Too long on the dbol and winny. I'd cut the dbol down to 4 and the winny down to 6.
    And your gonna need hcg way before u hit clomid. I'd start it in week 12.
    Extended clomid when u start it. 100mgs throughout...I wouldn't even bother dropping it down to 50.

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    Do you get any prolactin sides with that much deca and tren ? I got some bad ones with the same tren dose and no deca, using dostinex for it right now. Why not drop the deca and bump the test 250-500mgs? That's a high dose of femera, do you get any libido suppression from that. 2.5mgs ed of letro even with 1.4g of test kills my libido. Why so much T3? The normal dose to use with HGH is 12.5-25mcg ed.

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    thats some serrious ****
    i would love to run that cycle
    im way to small tho

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