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    Do I need vitamin B -6 or anything else

    I am starting my first cycle with dbol20mg/day and am going to take 10mg novladex/day do I need vitamin b-6 or any liver cleansing stuff

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    First of all, that is a really $hitty cycle. You are probably a high school kid that just wants to get bigger right? If you are so dead set on using AAS, at least you are being smart and also using nolva along with it. Do you plan on using clomid after your are done? I hope so. I don't ever use Dbol because I think it is garbage and about 90% of it's gains will be lost after you are off.

    But yes, it wouldn't hurt to take something to help protect your liver, and also B-6 and Zinc @ 100mg per day. I would also take an antioxident like CoQ10 if it is only Dbol you are taking. And 20mg of dbol per day will not do that much.

    My personal opinion is that if you are less than 21, don't do it. But if you can't be talked out of it, at least save up some more money and get some test to stay on for at least 3 months. Your gains will be much better than dbol alone, and you will be hella horny while on it. Dbol just makes you get bloated and strong.

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