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    My Cycle -- When does Deca kick in?

    Hey everyone.
    i'm running 400mg of Deca ew, and 540mg of TestE ew (making it last 11 weeks) and i'll be adding Winny 50mg ed from weeks 8-13 running clomid after that and 10mg Novla ED anyways... i'm 3 weeks into the cycle
    i've gained about 9-10lbs and am making some pretty serious strength gains.
    i'm up 3 reps on my 225lb bench alone from last week monday - monday

    i've been hitting the gym as hard as usual and i've been trying to eat everything I can get my hands on. I know Test # usually takes at least 4 or 5 weeks to kick in, as long as 7 weeks for some
    my question is, is the test just kicking in earlier for me than most people, or is it the Deca?
    or maybe just that i'm trying to eat about 800000 calories a day? well not really but I am eating a lot
    I tried searching the forums but was having a hard time finding info on Decas kick in point..
    anyways regardless i'm happy as hell with the way this cycle has been going...
    thanks bros any info is appeciated and i'll keep you all updated

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    Yeah the deca will be there week 4 or 5. Everything after your 6th week should be serious strength and mass gains.

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    good deal, i'm looking forward to it... I guess the gains as of now are pretty much from the lifting // eating?
    I feel pretty pumped and juicy...
    either way it's all goin good.

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