First of all, NO this is not a hypothetical question. When I say my freinds, I literally mean my friends.

Being a big guy in a small town, the young teens are always looking for advice. There are two gyms where I live and at the gym I workout at I am only one of two that I know that are on gear. And no one else has any idea. Then, a kid that always comes in and works out and asks me for advice sometime comes up to me the other day and tells me that half the wrestling team and half the football team from his school are running tren . I told him not to get mixed up with that ****, but I doubt he will listen because he talked about his frineds that are using it as if they are gods. Just wanted to get some advice on what to tell him about Tren and how bad it is for you at his age, especially to run alone without any test like all his friends are. I am not really educated on Tren because I am running my first cycle of Test and Deca so I haven't really done much research on Tren because I don't feel I am ready to use it, and won't be for a couple cycles. Just any past experiences with having to steer teens away and tren side affects would be helpful. Thanks.