I know each and every person reacts to steroids in a different way, and in some, side effects might be more pronounced than others, or maybe not have even surfaced whatsoever!

But in general terms.. which roids would be the least likeliest to effect Hair loss and MPB. I hold the general opinion thet test is the main culptrit for hair loss sides!! But i may be advised differently.

My experience with Test was with enanthate , it was my 2nd cycle and i ran deca alongside it.. also ran dbol for first 5 weeks.
I felt immediately after the cycle, my Hair began to thin and became unmanageable. The hairline on my forehead seemed to have gone back a row of hairs and smaller hairs at the front wouldnt grow as much as the rest of my hair. is this a direct result of steroid induced MPB?
Note i ddint use any finasteride or any topical shamposs. With hindsight i truly regret. learning the hard way is never good.