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    measuring bodyfat

    Are those electrical measuring devices you have in gyms etc.. accurate? The ones that use some sorta electrical impedence method.. You put in age height weight... In comparison to the skinfold method, which is more accurate? And related question... how will I know that I eat too much during a cycle? I dont want to waste anything by not eating enough but since I already pack too much fat I wouldnt desire a lot more.. I also feel that so far I've seen more gains in this cycle (my first, on beginning of 4th week) at the weight scale rather than the weight room... (Did both tests in school, teacher took em, skinfold and that electrical one and readings were 22 & 24 % BF the smaller one being with skinfold meaasure... I weigh 265 lbs)

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    skinfold is better then electric however the skinfold really depends on if the person doing it knows what the hell they are doing. i had to do the sknifold in a class, and the teacher (a RN) did it and it came out 9%.... however in the gym i did it and it was 12%.... now i highly doubt im in at 9% because im pretty sure abs come out at 10 and i dont have the best defined abs in the world....the most accurate method i belive is a hydrostatic test, but honestly i have no clue where you would get that done at or how much it would be.

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    Hey bro check at a local university if they have a exercise lab alot of them do hydrostatic weighing . They also might charge a fee to. That is the best way to get your body fat %.

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    skinfolds calipers done be some one trained is usually more accurate because the bio electrical impedence has a lot to due with hydration levels. However the skinfold only measures subcontanious(surface fat) where the bio can also account for viseral(fat thats internal around organs)fat.

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    When I was at the gym today I asked 1 of the trainers if I could get a fat test done, he asked if I just trained, I said yes, he said to come back tomorrow before I workout as the test would be more accurate. Looking forward to it!

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    at my gym one of the trainers has this thing called a bod pod, all you do is enter in your height, age, it weights you. then you sit in this thing that looks like a big egg and it measures your lean mass, and your fat mass. i think its done by air pressure. he paid 12000$ for the machine, he charges 30$ to test, i think its real accurate.

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