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    Smile Advice on mixing up my cycle

    Well, I was all set to do a cycle and now come to find out I'll be missing half my EQ that was going to be in it. As posted previously my stats are:

    28 Year old Male
    191LBS (Lost some more weight:-))

    I work out 5 days a week unless my body is telling me otherwise, been working out for several years now. Cardio 30 minutes to an hour 4+ days a week.

    Basically looking to cut some BF and gain some muscle, I know it's either cut or bulk. I aim to shed this BF by a few points while gaining some solid muscle mass. My diet is in order, 6 meals a day ~200g Protien, ~150-200g Carbs, and Fat is mostly good fats. This will be my first cycle.

    Many thanks to Dr. Evil (Welcome back!), Ajax, Dizzy, and nymattyk for the advice on my original cycle.

    So, my original plan was this:

    	EQ	Sust	Dbol	Clen	ECA	T3	Winstrol	Clomid
    Week1	400	500	35mg ED	X	3xED			
    Week2	400	500	35mg ED	X	3xED			
    Week3	400	500	35mg ED		3xED			
    Week4	400	500			3xED			
    Week5	400	500		X	3xED			
    Week6	400	500		X	3xED			
    Week7	400	500			3xED	X	50mg ED	
    Week8	400	500			3xED	X	50mg ED	
    Week9	400	500			3xED	X	50mg ED	
    Week10	400	500		X	3xED		50mg ED	
    Week11				X	3xED		50mg ED	
    Week12					3xED		50mg ED	
    Week13					3xED			          x
    Week14				X	3xED			          x
    Week15				X	3xED			          x
    So, after finding out I will be short 1/2 my EQ I was wanting to redo my cycle with some Fina I have. I was wondering if 75mg ED is the ticket or if I would be better off with 75mg EOD? So, this is what I believe it will look like, however I need opinions on the Fina with the Sust, am I still good kicking the clomid in as planned previosly (do I need to adjust do to the fina?), and I'm thinking about canning the T3 as mentioned in prior posts. By using the Fina/Sust/Winny whats the general opinion of being able to cut some serious BF assuming I am hitting Cardio hard and heavy up to 5 times a week? Of course lifting my ass off as well, and keeping my diet in check.

    Anyway, this is how I saw it and was wondering what you guys thought:

    	Fina	Sust	Dbol	Clen	ECA	Winstrol	Clomid	LiquidX
    Week1	75mgEOD	500	35mg ED	X	3xED				 .25ED
    Week2	75mgEOD	500	35mg ED	X	3xED				 .25ED
    Week3	75mgEOD	500	35mg ED		3xED				 .25ED
    Week4	75mgEOD	500			3xED				 .25ED
    Week5	75mgEOD	500		X	3xED				 .25ED
    Week6	75mgEOD	500		X	3xED				 .25ED
    Week7	75mgEOD	500			3xED	50mg ED			 .25ED
    Week8	75mgEOD	500			3xED	50mg ED			 .25ED
    Week9	75mgEOD	500			3xED	50mg ED			 .25ED
    Week10	75mgEOD	500		X	3xED	50mg ED			 .25ED
    Week11				X	3xED	50mg ED			 .25ED
    Week12					3xED	50mg ED			 .25ED
    Week13					3xED		          X	 .25ED
    Week14				X	3xED		          X	 .25ED
    Week15				X	3xED		          X	 .25ED
    week16									 .25ED
    week17									 .25ED
    So, I canned the T3 for now, added LiquidX, and switched to Fina EOD. I was also wondering about running the Fina for 10 weeks? One thing not mentioned was supplements, I take ALA, Milk Thistle, Green Tea, Shackley's Multi-V, DHEA, Amino Fuel, and I drink TON's of water.

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this cycle, opinions, changes, or any other comments.


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    i like it but i dont see a need for the dbol ,you are using tren which is very fast save the dbol for a bulker.

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    Thanx 4Plates. I'll probably drop the dbol .


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    damn bro, you are reading up on this shit good man... i like it... i would drop the dbol ..but if you insist using it, i wouldn't run it at 35mgs...maybe 20 or 25 for a little extra..but like 4plates said, fina is fast acting so there is no need for a kickstart. but if you are one of those guys who loves to have an oral with an inject, then try it out..but i would save it for a future bulking cycle.

    Big J

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