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    cycle plus other products??

    Here is my cycle that I am starting in less than a week...

    Wk 1-12 Test-E 500mg/week
    (have enough Nolva to run 10mg's ed through)
    2 weeks after last test shot, starting PCT
    Day 1: Clomid 300mg's, Nolva 20mg's
    Day 2-11: Clomid 100mg's ed, Nolva 20mg's ed
    Day 12-21: Clomid 50mg's ed, Nolva 20mg's ed

    and I was wondering I could take other products w/ it such as NOXplode (GNC product) or anything like that, possibly creatine? or should I just leave it be...?

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    You can run creatine along with an AS cycle.... many folks do. I actually run quite a few different over OTC supps along with my cycles. One I highly recommend is tribulus.... I run about 3-4 grams a day along with my AS.

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