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    Huge weight gain in 2 weeks?

    Hey guys I was just wondering if this is a normal gain for being 2 weeks in... Im 22 years old.. Worked out from August 2003 to August 2004.. In August 2004 I injured my arm at work and had to stop working out.. I did not lift at all until March 2005.. I went back to the gym for 2 weeks before starting my first cycle.. I am taking 400 mg test cyp weeks 1-10 and 25 mg ED of dbol weeks 1-4 with 20mg nolva ED... I know I have excellent genes and all my buddies thought I was juicing last year when I was just working out 3 times a week.. My question is.. I am on my second week in.. 9 days in to be exact.. My fitness assessment was the day before I started juicing.. I weighed in at 174 pounds.. I use the same scale everyday and am going up everyday.. It has been 9 days and I am at 191 pounds.. I am eating lots of chicken breast, steak and having 3 protein shakes with a banana mixed in it per day and multi vitamins... Are these normal gains while using dbol because I know the test wont kick in for another few weeks... I also never used to work out my legs whutsoever and have started now and am hard at it.. But 17 pounds in 9 days I think is insane... Once the test kicks in will I gain much more if ive already gained this much? My goal is 200 pounds flat.. Thanks guys..

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    the gear is acctive in your body as soon as you take it not all the way but after that amount of time i would say it would be safe to say that you have proly surpassed your natural test levels. I would say your starting to pack on some water from those d-bols,although that is alot of water.

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    dont get fooled by the quick weight gain bro dbol does that to you . you gain like crazy in two weeks most of it is water weight but you do put on new muscle . I hate it when people say it is all water because that is not true. peace monkey.

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    saluu heard the lure of banana shake

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