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    SICK I cant eat anything!!!

    Well ive been sick for the past 3 days.It started off with a runny nose and cold swets.Now its just my throat and ears are freaking killing me.I cant even swallow saliva cause it fuking hurts like a mother.Wat can I do .Wat should I do .IM on my 5 week of fina?

    Ive been taking tylenol flue thats helped a little .Is their anything else I can take.

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    Dude, I would just take caugh drops, and make myself eat no matter what. Eating is how you will keep your weight. Anything with Tylenol or any anti-inflamitories in it can slow down muscle growth.

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    I would try my best to get down as much as possible. Maybe try some meal replacement drinks and protein shakes anything to get your calories in. also after three days if i wasn't feeling any better it might be time to see the doc.

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    drink a lot of milk and shakes. best way to replace meals when u r sick...

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