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    I Have Test, Tren and Winny. How should I run it??

    Hey guys, I have not run a cycle for nearly 2 yrs now and am about to begin again. I have:

    20 cc's of test cyp 250
    30 cc's of homemade tren 75
    200 winny tabs at 10 mgs per pill.

    I have never run tren before, so I am pretty anxious. I have searched for posts with all three of these ingredients but I havent found anything that discusses a cycle with all three.

    I am 26, 5'7, 193 and about 20% bf. This will be approx. my 6th cycle. Obviously I am trying to rip up now. How do you suggest that I run these three together? Over 8 weeks or spread out over 10, and at what doses?

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    With what you have I would do 500mg cyp per week 1-12
    75mg tren eo/d weeks 1-6
    50mg winny e/d weeks 8-13
    Did something similar with great results. good luck bros

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