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    Got Sauce And Need Help

    hey guys im new to the forum, and i need advice. i have taken a few cycles and like the results. i went from 120 to 167 in a year and a half, i am currently at 152 after being out for 6 months and im ready to get back with the program. i need advice what to stack are what to take and what not to take. i have super test 450, sustanon 250 , deca 300 , cypanate 200 , and some tren . please give your advice . keep in mind im one of the hardest hard gainers
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    I don't believe in hard gainers, what I do believe is that they are none eaters. If you don't eat you won't gain and someone at 152 isn't eating much. You need to gain 20lbs on a food cycle, before you add gear to the equation, get up to 175 then think about gear.

    Here's the way it works, you eat more calories then what it takes to maintain your current weight, you'll gain weight. You eat less calories then it takes to maintain your current weight you'll lose weight.

    It's that simple, the reason people don't gain is because they won't eat. Your hard gainer therory is as believable as a 300lb women saying, I don't know why I'm so big, because I don't eat that much. Not that much to her could be 4000 calories to her. Then you have the opposite, you have a 135lb guy that says, I eat everything in site but can't gain weight. He thinks 1000 claories is a lot of food.


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