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    Urine test? will it show up? please help

    please some one help me. i just got a cycle of decca and test E.
    the problem is i just got put on a temporary probation thing with the court and i get pee tested bi-weekly. i was comming off a winny cycle when i got my first test and it was clean?
    will the test show up dirty? im scared to start this new cycle because of this...
    please help.

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    Hey bro there is MANY threads like this but to answer your question no. Its far too expensive to test. Ive been on cycle every drug test i have ever been given and passed with flying colors.


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    I have read alot on this as well.I still would like to see more opinions to be sure.Is it for sure that you will not fail a probation piss test while taking test/deca ?Also,what about orals like d-bol and winny?Thanks a ton for your help guys.

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    no worries bro drug tests are for rec drugs
    so unless you walk around claiming to be a juicer
    you should be ok
    also it is more expensive to test for roids than for rec drugs so they won't test for juice unless prompted to do so

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