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    Went on 1 week diet with oral-T

    Im in my 6th week of oral-T.

    Gains have been significant, much more than Id expect with an oral. It probably has to do with me not being at my genetic limits but still jumping in roid usage.

    But, I began eating like crap because my sister broke up with her bf and needed someone to hangout with so she could get out of the house.

    Well I put on fat for the past 3 weeks, i went from being cut to only being able to see the top row of abs.

    A week ago I decided its time to try a small diet, before I tried something more drastic like DNP or clen .

    I stayed on Oral-T 40mgED and began eating protein only. VERY few carbs, just a few slices of whole wheat bread every day and normal small snack here and there. Probably a total of only 50carbs per day, not counting the dextrose in my PWO shake but I dont count that since it goes towards replenishing glycogen stores.

    Anyways, after seven days I dropped 6lbs and my abs are back. I did not lose any muscle, and when I lifted this morning I broke my bench press max by 5lbs, so perhaps I even gained muscle from the high protein and oral-T.

    During my 1 week diet I only took in about 2000 calories per day with no cardio, although I run around a lot as a waiter. Also, although I went out 4 times to eat, I stuck with steaks and of course no extras like soda, BBQ sauce, alcohol or anything.

    The reason Im posting this is some ask about cutting on orals and personally I feel cutting on orals is the top choice to do. Theyre safer than clen or DNP, and the main point is you preserve muscle while dieting.

    And unlike injectables like EQ, oral-T wont shut you down since it leaves the system daily. I tested this idea out once after I was on for 4 weeks and took 5 days off. The OT was probably out by the first night, yet I lost no gains and possibly still made gains during the 5 days.

    So heres my recommendation to use an oral combined with a good diet to lose weight. Keeps muscle and shouldnt shut you down.

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    thanx for sharing that, sux you slacked off for a little while, next time stay a little more focused, and it is good you are looking out for your sis.

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