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    final decision on cycle (5th)

    I am 240, 6"2 and 23yrs old. Cycle history includes, sust/dbol , prop cycles with tren and winny (3). This is what i am planning; by the way i play univeristy ball and i have to be 100% clean by mid august cuz i know they will test me by the end of august:

    (Day 1 = May 1)
    Day 1-56 Test Prop @ 100mg.ed
    Day 14-56 Pink Thias @ 20mg ED (a 17AA for the GH)
    Day 1-30 QV Anavar @ 30mg ED
    Day 10-85 Gintropin (HGH) @ 3IU ED

    PCT Includes; Clen , and Clomid
    HCG Used at 500IU every saturday throughout cycle.
    Possible use of T3 and Slin but still undecided.

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    Hey Bro, I would do it like this.

    Week 1-8 Test Prop @ 100mg ed
    Week 1-4 Dbol @ 30mg ed
    Week 5-8 Anavar @ 30mg ed
    Week 1-8 HGH @ 4i.u. ed

    I figured up your totals from how much you stated above hope this helps.

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