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    Aug 2004

    T3, dont feel a thing...

    I started T3 a week ago, im using 75mcg /day. The first day i took 12,5mcg and my bloodsugar dropped and i got really warm so i have no doubt these things are genuine

    But now i dont feel anything anymore, and my morning temperature is lower now then when im not on T3 is that normal?

    And im not satisfied with the results either.

    Maybe i should bump it 125 this week?

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    SwoleCat is offline AR Hall of Fame
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    The results won't be evident in one week, and your DIET will be the key to seeing results.

    T3 alone burns lean muscle tissue if not accompanied by at least 400mgs of some AAS per week, most notably test.


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    cobra1414 is offline Junior Member
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    More pit sweat is the most obvious thing to know its working, at least for me.

    And yeah, it doesn't work that fast. It ain't DNP . You still need to have a tuned in diet and be doing cardio 5-7x weekly.

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    You should definitely be feeling some temp difference now... could be a number of things though...

    Are you hungry all the time, like when you first started on? (I get very hungry on low dose T3)...

    Like SC said above, you should be running a form of AAS with it, preferably test, but even Var would be better than nothing.

    Hit up Mallet with a PM... he's got alot more experience with this than I do...

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    T3 taken in reasonable doses takes time to work bro. Quite honestly, 75 mcgs isn't a particularly high dose either. At that dosage, you'll have to be patient and maintain a strict diet to see impressive results.

    Also, if you're using any type of aromatising meds, you may have some water weight making you look like nothing's happening when in fact it is.

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    T3 really doesn't give me any sides to speak of. Keep in mind that I've never done T3 alone, but whenever I use it with clen , AAS, and/or DNP I don't notice a difference and my bbt rarely goes up more than one degree no matter what I'm using.

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