Whats up everyone ... Im new on this board, as a registered member, but not a newbie at all, because i have been researching this site for years. Sorry if im gonna have my first thread be a long one, but oh well. Any time i ever needed an answer to a question i had, i never needed to be registered to find it. I love this site and find it extremely helpful. Ive been working out for over 5 yrs and I am 23 years old, 6'0 195-200 lbs natural, (about 215 on cycle) and have been through over 5 diffterent cycles, nothing crazy, just basic cycles after doing TONS of research and each cycle got better than the last. I've been through QV Deca , QV Ent, QV EQ, Greek Normas, Fina Homemade, Dbol , Schering Primo (LONG TIME AGO!) TTokyo EQ, Organon Pakistan SUST, so i do have experience, im not a newbie who doesnt have any input available , ive been through enough i think to know what im doing and make inputs to help others from past experiences. Anyway, this summer i am running QV Test Ent., Animal Power Cyp,(1st time) and Syd Group Anabolic BD Eq.(1st Time)
Weeks 1-10 400mg wk EQ
Weeks 1-5 500mg wk QV Ent
Weeks 6-10 500mg wk AP Cyp
Weeks 8-13 Winny 50mg EOD
I actually registered to find out about this whole Sargap thing and the real/fake debate over it. My bottle i have for Test E looks just as legit as the many bottles i have had in the past except for my bottle says Sargap, not S.A.R.G.A.P. The holograms look the same, the labeling, boxes, everything except for the Sargap thing, AND the phone number changed on the label i noticed along with the email address, but NOT the main site address. Another wierd thing i noticed was on the actual bottle the label has a spot for the lot number, then directly across from it a spot for the exp., BUT the lot # space is blank and the lot # is listed just above where the spot for the exp date is, lilke it usually is. Which i think is wierd, but i dont know what to make out of it. Where i come from this stuff is WAYYY overpriced (tri-state area) and i am paranoid about everything. I dont know what to make of it, it looks real, just with minor differences , but ive had boxes in the past diffterent than others and they all worked the same. Any input would be greatly appreciated on this topic. I searched and did all the reading about it, but i just wanna let people know im in the same boat and i feel the only TRUE way to find out is to take it. I will let people know what my results areas I go. Last year i ran QV Ent alone at 500mg wk for 5 weeks and gained 13 pounds and noticed changes in week 3, so i can compare it to something.
The Syd Group Anabolic BD EQ looks very legit as well, (comparing it to online photos and Anabolics 05) however i noticed in some pics from my Anabolics 2005 and other pics online, the labels look rounded, my bottle has straight labels, but IDENTICAL everywhere else, hologram and all. The labels on their website online look straight like mine though,which gives me reassurance so maybe they slightly changed things also, or maybe I got jipped. My sources always change, and its hard over here to get stuff, so i just wanna have legit gear. Should i be paranoid about taking these two products? or just go with the flow and find out the hard way? Any input would be great.
Again, sorry for the LONGGGG post but, Im here to give any advice I have in my previous cycles and learn some things along the way. ANY ADVICE OR INPUT WOULD BE APPRECIATED TREMENDOUSLY on these two products. Thanks ... peace