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Thread: What too do

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    What too do

    Ok i have been on 2ui of gh for about 7 weeks now, i have dropped about 10 pounds. My goal is to get lean and hard finally see my abs. I am 26 5'11 230 about 15-18bf. I was thinking about doing another AS cycle what do u guys think?

    week 1-10 600mg test cyp.
    week 1-5 400mg deca
    week 5-10 150mgeod winny
    week 5-10 12.5mg anavar ED
    Gh 2iu 5 days on 2days off

    Winny 150 eod week 1-10
    clen ED
    Cytomel Week 5-10
    Gh 2iu 5 days on 2 days off

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    To get lean you'll want to have your diet/cardio/training/rest in order of course.

    I am sure you do.


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    Neither is ideal for a cutting cycle. I would do a bit more research. Running a prop/winny cycle might be a good idea. Deca and cyp are definitely not ideal for cutting, and not having test in your second cycle is a big no-no. Plus, you should running winny ed, at least 50mg.

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