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    Just starting out...

    I am 27 years old and started working out about 5 years ago. I started with Muscletech products, Cell-Tech, Nortesten, Anotesten, Acetebolan II, Ripped Fuel, Nitro-Tech, and a good diet. I sluffed off for the past two years and most of that is contributed to the "addiction to gym" syndrome that the Nortesten and Anotesten produces. My old workout regimen consisted of 5 days a week cardio 2 miles, and then hitting the gym for about and hour and a half. I put on size and had moderate strenght, 15.5in biceps, nothing too big but my max bench in high school was 130 and I was then doing 225. Well i am now motivated to get back into shape, getting on the scale and registering 200lbs, when i use to be 170 was a slap in the face. I am 5'7" have been doing cardio for about a month now at least 3 times a week to cut down on some fat, lifting moderately nothing big really. My first package of Dianabol has arrived and the excitement of getting back into the shape i was once in is slowing becoming a reality again. But this will be the first time ever experimenting with this type of steroid . I have been poking around on the forums for a while to get a feel of the general consenses of a good cycle. I have started the d-bol a few days ago and have learned that a D-bol only cycle is bad. I have ordered 3 vials of Sustanon (250mg/ml each) and a cylce of Clomid (10x50mg tabs). My question is where do i go from here. Do i stop the cycle of D-bol or do i continue to be pumped and psyched about going to the gym and continue on with it till the other arrives. Or do i wait keep what i have until i can accumulate a good solid cycle that is recommended. I guess my goals are to get a good solid boost, come off and maintain on my own. Any suggestions? PS I will check out the dieting section to see how i need to adjust from what i am doing now.

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    u shld always have all of this planned out b4 u start your cycle. i know it's easy to get caught up in using gear as your motivation to start lifting again and then go from there... but it shld b the other way around... u shld start lifting get your diet tight, then do your homework, plan your cycle, get all your gear, and your pct materials, then see what kind of gains u r making without the gear, then go from there..... i was gung ho on getting my gear and running it... but i got my diet together (something i never did b4) and have been making good gains... so my gear, and pct, sits in a closet waiting to be used... it's just not that time yet... believe me it's hard to just let it sit but i know it's the right thing right now... when i get stuck then it's time...

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