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    infection update..

    infection update..

    well i woke up this morning and my arm was alittle sore still but the redness is not there, there is no hardness or lump, but im still sick , so maby im just sick or it might be from the test E. cause i heard you could get flu like symptoms from it and the last shot i took was only test. but im on my tenth week so i dont know why i would get sick now? i took some ibprofien that i had from a earlier infection from a cut and dayquil. im going to my freinds house to pick up some pills the doc perscribed him when he got an infection from his neelde, ill post the name when i get it but i might not even take it and just stick to ibprofien.

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    Bro when i use to use Test E from QV I would get swelling at the inject like the size of a baseball it seemed. It did this to me everytime and it was hot as hell and it made me ache all the time. It sucked but it was worth it.

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    Who the hell is QV? I am looking to get gear possible test e

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    WTF? who the hell is QV? Do some research before you post next time

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