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Thread: t5 tablets

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    t5 tablets

    my mate got some t5 tablets from his guy and was told they were better than clen anybody heard of these

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    Dorian Yates T5 [90´s--$48.95]

    New T5, from Dorian Yates Approved, is a highly efficient multi-angle lipolytic agent. Unlike the other "ephedra free" products that substitute alkaloids similar to ephedra for ephedra and then boast that they are ephedra free, this new T5 formula is ephedra/ephedrine and stimulant free! However, don´t be fooled into thinking this is a compromise. The powerful thermogenic activity of T5´s pure E and Z guggulsterones will become immediately apparent! Working synergistically with forskolin, these will boost thyroid output and drive your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) into the Red Zone. The high forskolin content of T5 will also stimulate important body receptor sites, activating enzymatic activity and leading to breakdown of triglycerides.

    A potent glucose transport stimulator has been added, in the form of Banaba Extract. The active ingredient, colosolic acid, has been shown to have the ability to help lower blood glucose and the accumulation of triglycerides, - the root of its documented antiobesity activity.

    Bioperine: A patented preparation of the black pepper thermogen, piperine, Bioperine has demonstrated the ability to improve the absorption of nutrients. This will result in more efficient absorption of the active ingredients in T5; thereby ensuring higher percentages get through to work their magic!

    Cayenne: A thermogenic, natural ingredient. Cayenne has been shown to increase body temperature, thereby causing an increase in energy expenditure for thermoregulation.

    Finally, a product that is both effective and safe! In fact, T5 will actually promote good health through its ability to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides, increase HDL (good) cholesterol and inhibit platelet aggregation and clumping. It will also serve to support healthy endocrine function, via elevation of thyroid and testosterone production (ephedrine alkaloids can antagonize this). Dorian Yates Approved is proud to have developed this powerful breakthrough in the war on body fat.

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    I'd rather use T3 and then use that T5 as thyroid PCT.

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