what do you guys think of this mass cycle... i'm at 3.5% bodyfat 200lbs 5'6.. shows over time to bulk up...i already gained 10lbs in 2 days..

1 testoviron eod
1 sustanon eod
1cc eq 200mg eod
40mcg oratropin 1 hr before eating along with 2iu gh.. then right before eating, 6units of slin..
2iu 4x a day total 8iu.
slin 2x a day am and postworkout
50mg proviron

i already had my gyno out do you think i need to add arimidex ... or 50mg proviron enough....
i'll throw some orals in like month i want to give my liver a break from all that winny...
also should i add hcg 500iu 2x a week.. because i'm not coming of till november....