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Thread: Growth!!!!

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    I am interested in taking hgh. A friend of mines dad is a diabetic supplier. I am 19, I know that it is not reccomended to take it at my age. But if i did, what would be a good dose to take. I'm not made of money, I can get the 100iu kits for about $500. Any comments about growth would be appreciated.


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    i dont know about the age thing, i know a 10 year old girl that was on it and she is still on it at 14 so. but i do know that seems to be pretty cheap. i would get it if it were me. sh*t get it and hold on to it if anything

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    Wrong forum.

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    this could be a waste of money due to high levels of HGH in your body. Wait till your 21-23 for GH. Stcik to the gear till then, a friend of mine, whos 18 took thousands of dolars worth of GH and still looks average.

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    youre much to young for hgh and thats way overpriced.

    don't think about gh until you reach 30.


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    Your best of posting this in the HGH forum, you will get more answeres there. You want to research a bit about HGH, it's not something you just take. Anyway, good luck.

    rodge, wats up bro?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tom_macca147
    this could be a waste of money due to high levels of HGH in your body. Wait till your 21-23 for GH. Stcik to the gear till then, a friend of mine, whos 18 took thousands of dolars worth of GH and still looks average.
    DON'T stick to the gear until then... you are way to young to be considering either. Take some time to make a proper routine and when you turn 22-24, use your discretion in regard to the gear.

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    Just to answer some questions. Growth hormone is not like aas it works much more gradually and one thing to not is that everyone reacts differently. In general an older person will notice more effects from gh because their natural release is less than a bro your age. Your probably releasing 1.5iu a day naturally so keep this in mind when deciding dosages. What you will find is that it would benefit you more in a bodybuilding sense to take IGF-1. Bang for buck it is much better. As for the age issue it can be safe, in fact there are plenty of studies on hgh done to adolescents with growth plates completely unfused, partially fused and completely fused so if you come under the first two categories you may even get lateral bone growth from this. But Gear is spot on, hgh is NOT something you just take without research, and lots of it. Read up at and search for hgh and height. This will bring up plenty of studies on us younger bros. Hope this helps.

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    yep.. you are correct.. you are too young..

    and $500 is gym pricing.. but you could get to where you want/need to be with diet, and training.. and lets not forget the rest
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