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Thread: Te/eq

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    I'm getting ready to stack 500mg Test Enth and 400mgs of EQ for 12 weeks. I haven't ran a cycle in about three years. My question is I'm doing this as a cutting cycle and I'm concearned about water retention and getting bloated from the Test Enth. Would it be wise to run only 250mgs per week or would that be a ineffective dose? Any opinions?

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    I just came off a Test/Eq cycle. I ran it for 16 weeks.

    I would up the test a little. Take some liquidex for the bloat..

    1-16 Test E 500-750mg wk (shoot every 3.5 days. Monday morning and thurs afternoon)
    1-15 Eq 400mg wk (shoot every 3.5 days) you can stack these in the same pin
    1-end of PCT .25 mg liquidex ed
    1-end of PCT 10-20 mg nolva ed
    14 days after last test shot start PCT (Clomid)

    You will love it....


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    instead of l-dex use femara. its way more effective at stopping estrogen conversion. also keep your sodium in your diet very low and make sure to drink a ****load of water. this will also ehlp keep water weight off

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