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Thread: Benadryl

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    I hear people taking benadryl. What does this do??

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    I have no idea, besides what is listed on the bottle. I know that a Canadian Olympic rower, Silken Lauman, was disqualified from the Olympics and stripped of her gold medal some years ago for steroid use ....but she claims to this day that the only thing she had been on was benadryl (diphenhydramine). Since then, as far as I know, competitors have been careful to avoid this before Olympic contests...I have no idea if it really enhances performance or just shows up in the tests...anyone else?

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    Benadryl is a anti histemine commonly combined with clenbuterol to avoid receptor down regulation that occurs with clen usage after a few weeks use.
    It allows you to use it continuously without the 2weeks on/2 weeks off system.
    Common dosage is 50-100mg a day before bedtime.

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