Well 9 days ago i got suckered into doing some bs work at my wifes stable . To make a long story short i pulled my lower back bad shoveling horse ****!!

The first 3 days i couldnt even get up or walk without help . It got better , but im still in major pain/dis-comfort . Luckly im laid off right now becaue i have a phyiscal job in construction .

My back has always been real weak , i hurt it once when i was about 19 and was out of work a couple weeks , im 28 now and it has always been real weak .

I have often pulled it or moved wrong and been hurtin a day or 2 . But nothing like this .

Even before i just hurt it , it felt like it would snap easily just bending over and picking somthing up . Not a pain , but a very weak feeling .

For this reason i never do squats or deadlifts , and if i do i go very light . But i work my muscles well other than that , i am strong .

So anyway , ive ended my cycle early . I think that the juice might have made it worse than what it would have been , due to my increased strength , i may have pushed it harder . I also injured my forearm on this cycle in week 8 . I've been iceing it , no help , still hurts 6 weeks later .

Ive been to the doctors for my back before , they took xrays and a some other test , and they say im fine . But somthing is really bad back there!!
I plan i going to the doc when my insurance kicks in , hopefully a couple weeks .

Anyone have any ideas on what to do where to go , anything? Seems like doctors never help . Even went to a cyropractor (sp?) once long ago.....i think thier plain out bs .