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    hives on sus 250? Should i stop

    Hey...i took my first shot of sust 250 last nite...and I woke up today with hives on my ass and legs.....I immidiately panicked...and called a friend whos a nurse. I was told that I had an allergic reaction and that Maybe i shouldnt take it again. 5 hours later....and a claritin in me....the hives are gone...are these normal or am I allergic and should immid stop?

    ps...i was also told that next time the reaction could be worse.

    any1 know any1 who experienced this?

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    I've never experienced anything like that. I don't know that I would want to risk a reaction worse than the hives.

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    never heard of anyone having any kind of a reaction, im sure it is the sus. that did it being it is around the site you injected. i wouldnt risk it. maybe you could try something else

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    you had an anaphylatic (sp?) reaction to an injection...what you need to do to establish if it was indeed the injection is to take your next shot in the presence of someone...with a good anti-histamine on hand... your assitant will administer the anti-histamine if you have a reoccurence...may be an isolated incident.
    Maybe related to the compound

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