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    Tren, winny, & Test cycle. Need some changes.

    Okay i am on a cycle of tren , winny, and test. I'm bout to start week 5. Week 1-4 i done 150 mg/week on the tren. Just started the winny in week 4 with 150 mg. Done 300 mg of test per week except week 4 bumped it up to 500. I was gonna bump the tren to 225 per week for the rest of the cycle, stay at 150 with winny. And stay at 500 mg/week on the test for a three weeks then back down towards the end of the cycle. But i still got a feeling those doages on the tren and winny won't shred me up like i want them to do. What should i change the dosages to?

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    Um did u post this cycle here b4 starting it? It sounds pretty fricked up. FYI test should be higher than tren , tren should be ed shots and winny should be ed administrations...please post your cycle and be prepared to go straight into pct and start over if its as fricked as it sounds...

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