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    cyp kicking in or just dbol

    i have been on about four weeks 400 mg cyp. I thought the stuff sucked. Its sydgroup and I wasn't feeling crap. Everyone told me to hold out and it would kick in. I was feeling nothing. I started 40mg dbol mid way through third week. Now I feel freakin great. Obviously I am feeling pumped from the dbol. Could I be feeling the cyp kick in as well. Can I tell if it is just the dbol? I didn;t know if stacking something can help trigger a test or not. Maybe a dumb question. I just have a **** load of this cyp and am afraid it still is bunk. But right now I feel awesome.

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    Test Cip takes about 4 or so weeks to kick in. If you have a pic of your cip post it, som bros here will be more than glad to give you input. I love dbol /test runs..have fun

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    its all in your head.....they don't "kick in"....that is just referring to when the test levels will be at their max dont just sit around one day and get this jolt...." test kicked in"

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