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    Nolvadex doesnt help with Deca's aromatization?

    In Shrad6's thread below, IronCy stated that nolvadex wont help for gyno if caused by deca ??? what will?

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    winny! just stay under 600mg/week and you should be fine.

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    Nolvadex does not help with any aromatization. Nolvadex blocks ESTROGEN at the receptor site, but does not prevent test from aromatizing into estrogen. Arimidex /Liquidex and Femara DO prevent test from aromatizing, and hence... no need to block the site if there is no extra estrogen in the first place.

    For deca , none of these help (well actually, i read an article talking about how they can very slightly indirectly affect progesterone, but I don't know enough about it to discuss, and you should prolly forget I even said that because the effect was almost non-existent in theory, but I hate to state something that is only 99% true.)

    Deca can cause progesterone gyno (not estrogen gyno) and im told that RU-486 is basically the only thing that can help with deca, however I have absolutely no clue as to the safety and dose for such a purpose. Ask Mike if you are in an emergency and/or are considering RU-486, trust me, do your homework on this one.

    Some ppl will say that winny will help, but its too long a discussion to get into.. when there are a zillion threads about this already... I suggest searching for "progesterone" in the search and make sure to select the 'titles only' search, then it will show a thread by mike called "progesterone unveiled" or somethingl like that... check it out if you want to learn more about this.

    In conclusion, that is why I would stay away from deca, but Im a natural safety nut, so many will prolly disagree with me and say its safe if using a moderate dose.

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    Everyone says winny. I personally have tried and the itchy tenderness around my nips didn't stop, even when I upped the winny to 100mg a day. I did not get the gyno though. Tenderness went away about 1 week after last blast.

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