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Thread: British dragon?

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    British dragon?

    First time recieving BD products, they look legit and im pretty sure they are but just wondering why they dont have holograms. I know some pics had holograms and some didnt, should I be concerned. Cant post pic because the tape they were packaged in ripped the labels off.

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    If your source is reliable then I wouldnt question the gear. If you have a shaddy source then I would questions why you are ordering from him/her

    I dont understand why people order gear and then questions its authenticity

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    The holograms aren't used anymore in the vials, only for the oral
    packs, when the foiled logo label started to run on the market they
    took off the hologram, just a shinny foil dragon symbol in the label
    red or blue, nothing to be worried about, bro!

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